Bullet Journaling
Pc: @studywithinspo

Pc: @studywithinspo

I just found out what bullet journaling was today and I am already obsessed.... partly because of how aesthetically pleasing it is, partly because I'm such an organization freak, partly because I am a planner. I already wasted 2 hours watching YouTube videos about bullet journaling, and I am so excited to start! In my opinion, from weekly planning to doodling motivational quotes to creating sleep trackers to setting goals, bullet journaling is the ultimate (and most relaxing) way to structure your life. Especially if life seems overwhelming, organizing your thoughts in this book of art can help you stay grounded & focused. Happy journaling!

P.S. Bullet Journals are a great way to set goals and meal plan during the recovery process!

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Doodling for Distraction

I know, I know.... I just posted a doodling tip yesterday. But honestly, today I doodled for three hours straight while listening to zen music & I can honestly say that it drew over all my worries. I feel so calm now! (don't mean to brag lol)

The Art of Doodling

Doodling has always amazed me....how such a simple art can lend such a profound calming force. There lies beauty in its simplicity, repetition, and monotony. Creating new patterns & diverting my undivided attention toward the task relieves my stress in an inexplicable way. The above drawing is just one of the many doodles I have in my journal. **Bonus Tip: Staedtler Fineliner Pens are perfect for colorful doodlers such as myself**

Mindful Music

Whenever I'm relaxing, studying, or trying to fall asleep, Yiruma is my go-to artist. His music is so breathtakingly sad and beautiful at the same time. I have listened to his songs a billion times, yet I still get the chills every time I hear his melodious cascade of notes.

We Are Enough

This video was posted 2 years ago, and I still remember how inspired I was. Thank you, Harriet, for sharing your story, your compassion, your wisdom. #WeAreEnough