Tabula Rasa

I have often felt trapped in an endless cycle of recovery, relapse, recovery, relapse, recovery… It is like waking up from a seemingly infinite nightmare only to fall back asleep and be reunited with it once again. For me, the scariest part of this is the very probable chance that all my hope will run out. I can’t keep fighting forever only to simply lose once again.

I think that this is a thought that many can relate to. But with the new year, I hope you can join me on my journey to the present. Staying in the present and knowing that in this moment, you are being the best version of yourself as opposed to worrying about an unknown future—this is everything. So, here’s to 2017: a year of the present, a year to focus in on one step at a time, a year of unleashing your true potential. Make this a year where you can enjoy the sunshine instead of waiting for the disappointment of an inevitable storm. It is never too late to try. It is never too late to fight. You create your own happiness.

I invite you all to make New Year’s resolutions, because why not? Even if you cannot fulfill all these goals, at least you tried. The worst thing you can do is to not make resolutions simply because you are scared of failure. I have made this mistake one too many times. Let today mark the start of a new chapter in your life.

My Resolutions

*Live in the moment

*Love myself

*Remember that I decide who I am and who I want to be

*Be proactive in my journey towards the present

*Create my own happiness

*Never lose hope


What are your resolutions?