Initiating Change

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
— Winston Churchill

Lately, the sheer magnitude of how much recovery has allowed me to do has truly humbled me. Instead of constantly immersing myself in a world where the scale is the sun I revolve around, I am able to focus on endeavors much greater than myself. Instead of being utterly oppressed under a totalitarian regime dictated by numbers, I am free to actively try to make myself a better, more sympathetic person.

Take a step back for a second. Pause. Is the sun you rely on for warmth and self-fulfillment really warm and fulfilling? Or is it a mere microcosm inside your mind, imprisoning you with its fiery ruthlessness and blazing bullying? If it’s the latter, like mine was for so long, think about the sweet, exhilarating taste of freedom. How can one resist? Think about that satisfying feeling of knowing you improved the life of even one person. Think about how truly rewarding it feels to initiate change for issues that matter. Not issues that don’t matter, like superficial appearance per se, but issues that bite down to the very core of life. By ridding yourself of the negativity you confuse for control, by unleashing yourself from the chains that have prevented progression, and by vigorously diving far deeper than the tip of the iceberg, you can feel all these feelings. All the feelings that make life worth living.

For example, because I have recovered and separated myself from the disorder that held me back from living, I am now able to advocate for causes close to my heart, such as recovery and inner empowerment. I am able to immerse myself in missions, such as the selfless one of Project HEAL’s, that strive to make the world a place in which the sun isn’t burning us, but lighting our paths as we continue on our collective and individual journeys.

In fact, during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I am hosting a fundraiser for this very purpose. I am so very excited to announce that on February 27th, from 7 pm-9:15 pm, I will be collaborating with Muse PaintBar in Garden City on a “Paint for a Cause” event. To be part of this amazing movement and join me for a night of painting, food, charity, and more, tickets are $45, with 40% of the proceeds directed towards funding treatment for eating disorder sufferers and saving lives! I am inviting you all, as well as your friends and family, to walk with me on my path towards creating a future in which our biggest aspirations don’t pertain to weight or physical beauty, but philanthropy and building one another up.

Without recovery, I never could have imagined actively engaging in a cause as momentous and meaningful as this. To purchase tickets, click on this link: I hope to see you all there!

Simran BansalComment